Songs about Love and Oneness

Did you know that listening to music influences your
vibration and that it can both damage and heal?

The 18 new songs on the album "Songs About Love And Oneness" are especially created to
enlighten and raise your energy vibration. The catchy melodies, the lyrics and the voices will
literally touch you and have a strong calming and balancing effect, which will strengthen
your ability to undo an excess of stress, and re-establish a natural flow of creative energy.
Enjoy 70 minutes of pure love and light to raise your vibration.

Watch the video presentation below - which is also a documentary about
 Torben's music and how music increases our vibration: 


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Torben Thoger explains about healing music
I have always been writing music that is emotional and melodic, whether it is a smooth meditationtrack or an up-tempo rock song. I compose music and write songs intuitively and it was not until I began to study it that I understood why my music and lyrics had a calming and healing effect.The instrumentation, the rhythm and the tempo are important factors.

I was raised listening to and practicing classical and spiritual music and had this "child star voice" so I was giving solo concerts, actually it is 50 years ago I had my first gig. When I was a teenager in the late 60's I began to write songsabout love and getting a better world, very much inspired by John Lennon and guys like him.

Like many others who became interested in spirituality, I had the opportunity to get a new beginning. I almost died of stress and alcoholism in the 80's. I was helped in AA - Alcoholic Anonymous and found that there was more to life than working hard like a slave, so I decided to only work with stuff that I love. I have not been drinking ever since. I got a new life, met my wife Mette and together we have had the same interest in developing spiritually and we have visualized a wonderful life that has become reality. Our daughter Laerke, who you saw in the video before, sings many songs on the new album and two of her own beautiful songs are also included. My son Kasper also writes his own songs and you can hear two of his great songs on the album as well.

The first sound we ever hear is our mothers’ heart beat, which at rest beats around 60 times per minute. We find this tempo relaxing and nice. Much of my music has a tempo like that. And maybe the most important factor is the relation between the tones, the melody and the way it is expressed by instruments and voices. A catchy melody literally touches you and has a strong healing effect. We also use the expression that you are "moved" by something - again the vibrations move you in the right direction.

The instruments I use are generally acoustic and electric - not synthetic and nowadays they can be played and edited digitally, so I play most of the instruments myself. When I compose music it is important that it is me who has control over the computer and the numerous sampled instruments located on the hard disk. When I want to describe en emotion musically, I can easily find an instrument let say a warm cello and record the melody on the keyboard. Afterwards, I can edit it just like word processing, - but much more detailed. And nowadays it's really hard to tell the difference between whether it is played on the original physical or virtual instrument played via a keyboard, because technology today makes it possible to play with empathy. I am the one who decides where for instance the vibrato lies, just as if I played on the original instrument. But on my albums I also have live musicians and singers.

There are different tones and different instruments that work on our different 7 main chakras. The relaxation track called “A Wonderful Place” that's on my new album is so called "Heart music", which is music for the heart chakra since especially the harp, the strings and the nature sounds heal the heart, but all the energy centres will benefit from listening to it. I have had success with that one especially in the United States and India. It was number one for a few months, on Music Choice, Soundscapes in the USA.

How Can Music Influence You Physically and Mentally?

Everything is vibration, also all that looks solid - even a stone. We have all experienced that sound is vibration by looking at a loudspeaker where the sound comes out. When you're listening to music the vibrations or the musical sound waves enter the body through our ears and our chakras. These vibrations stimulate and activate the body’s natural self-healing abilities. Today it is a fact that music can affect our brain waves - and provide both physical and mental relaxation. The music can increase the production of pain-relieving endorphins. It can improve our quality of sleep, reduce anxiety, enhance motor skills, concentration and memory and make us stronger and more enduring. The music can strengthen our immune system and improve digestion - and even strengthen our intelligence and learning abilities.

Several liable science studies have demonstrated that especially the kind of music that I make influences our …

• Hormone System
• Nervous System - Which Controls breathing and Heart Rate
• Is Preventing Anxiety and Fear
• Has a Calming Effect
• Has a Pain Killing Effect

On my new album "Songs about Love and Oneness" the voices and lyrics are very important too! Sound healer Vibeke Sonora and my daughter Laerke Lund's voices are extremely clear and healing and on top of that they give life to the lyrics. An example: The word "LOVE" is sung more than 50 times on the album and that alone will heal your body and soul, considering that our body consists of up to 90% of water, and knowing that the scientific results of Dr. Emoto from Japan, prove that water crystals change when spoken to or sung to. When you sing "Love" to water it gives the most beautiful crystal patterns! When we think of the fact, that we are going from duality to oneness, I would like you to think of this oneness principle, that whenever you interact with another human, then go into that interaction, with the intention of joining higher minds. Because when you do that, the other person will unconsciously respond to your request, and the conversation will bring you new perspectives and ideas, you couldn’t have come up with on your own. My new album "Songs about Love and Oneness" offers 18 songs with a total of 70 minutes of love and light to raise your vibration!

When you listen to "Songs about Love and Oneness" it will:

• Stimulate and activate your body’s natural self-healing abilities
• Influence your hormone system positively
• Improve your nervous system - which controls breathing and heart rate
• Prevent anxiety and fear and you will feel relaxed and de-stressed
• Help your concentration and memory
• Strengthen your immune system
• Increase your production of pain-relieving endorphins
• Improve your quality of sleep
• Enhance your motor skills
• Improve your digestion
• Synchronize the "right brain" and "left brain" so they work in a deep partnership with each other
• Strengthen your intelligence and learning abilities