2012 A Turning Point  -  Show and CD

What has 2012 in store for all of us?
Psychic medium Kenny Corris and composer Torben Thoger feel
that 2012 will be a time of awakening and challenging cosmic change.

The meditations, music and songs on a new CD release are from
a full day show presented by Kenny and Torben.

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When Kenny and Torben first met they knew that they had work to do, and that the fusion of two great symbiotic energies would lead them to work together sometime. As two free thinking and spiritual men they are both highly intuned with the exciting prospect of the challenging times ahead in 2012. Kenny’s words and Torben’s musical composing skills firstly combined on a guided meditation, and yet they both knew that there was more that they could do, together. Balancing skills and working as true professionals they decided to plan a show that helps people to better understand just what 2012 has in store for all of us, each and every way. Combining their joint need to inform and tell the truth, they both found that the balance of their combined skills was leading them towards the staging of a show to present to all those who need to know more with a duty to inform them better. Uniting and strengthening, Kenny and Torben both feel that 2012 will be a time of awakening, and cosmic change, so that they choose to gently awaken your senses and to work with your souls, because you have a part to play, and fear must be eliminated; since the purpose of this show is to enlighten, and instruct, to prepare and to resolve.

The all day spectacle is so enhanced by Torben’s intuitive ability to compose music that follows his heart; in turn allowing that the audience open theirs, too. Kenny is able to talk to the soul, bringing a highly charged vibrational energy to all, from within. Together something very magical happens and through songs and meditation; a brief of fact and fiction combine to make this a truly enlightened and wonderful presentation. One that they sincerely hope that you may never ever want to forget!
Watch the 2 minute YouTube teaser about the show:
 2012 A TURNING POINT - The Show - By Kenny Corris and Torben Thoger.
Teaser for show. Produced by Torben Thoger, copyright 2010.

OBS: A new show is planned to take place in February 2012 in L'Alfas del Pi in the province of Alicante in Spain. Await more info.

Join with us, and unite to work towards the golden opportunity of 2012 and beyond, with all it must bring.

Enquiries and bookings: Contact: Kenny Corris on: 686 361 594 or 96 587 8424 kennycorris@hotmail.com * www.kennycorris.net


Psychic Medium and Astrologer Kenny Corris has worked with Spirit for some forty nine years. He is a Healer, Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach. Dividing his time between writing for a growing number of publications, public demonstrations, workshops, and private readings and castings, Kenny works to spread the message that Spirit is there and waiting for our interaction, and travels regularly to Europe and the USA to promote all aspects of the Spiritual Realms; with which he so frequently communicates. Renowned for having a great sense of humour and loving personal contact with his many international clients, Kenny likes to bridge the messaging service between the living and the dead, this proving the existence of the Spirit World.
Regarding 2012, Kenny says, "We are all Spirit living in an Earthly body, and we have all chosen to be here right now in unique and changing, challenging times!" He feels the great need to establish a network of people who can think outside of the box, as this, he feels, will greatly help many to adapt and grow spiritually all the way to Ascension. "The Lightworkers will shine the light of their Spirituality and help all those around them to adapt and thrive, come what may!"
Kenny lives in Finestrat Pueblo with his lifetime partner Carl.

More information: www.kennycorris.net


Composer and Filmmaker Torben Thoger enjoys international success with his beautiful and powerful music, and his film productions. Torben has composed and produced original music scores since the 1970´s in varying styles for film, television, musicals, multimedia and his own productions. His latest four albums in the New Age music genre are released worldwide and his music has been on top of the charts in the USA and India. As a Filmmaker Torben produces corporate promotional films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. The Danish Composer and artist now lives permanently with his creative family in the mountains west of Altea; Torben's wife Mette Lund is a skilled abstract painter and a healer and their daughter Laerke is a gifted singer. Actually they both participate in the show "2012 A TURNING POINT".
Torben describes his approach to musical composition as, "Highly Intuitive", often beginning with melodies and intentionally following his heart to expand their sound. He says that it is no co incidence that he receives comment after comment about how his music soothes and healers the listener's heart chakra. For many years Torben has had a great interest in personal development and spirituality, though does not connect to any particular Society or Religion. He says, "I am so glad that our World is going to change to a much better place, when we reach the Turning Point in 2012!"

More information, listen to Torben's music and watch his films: www.torbenthoger.com

This poster is from the show in 2010: