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Book your ticket now to our new show on Saturday 21st April in L'Alfas del Pi (Alicante) in Spain. "The Golden Age" is a positive full day show about a wonderful global shift; with live presentations, new songs, music, meditations and visuals.

Show at FORUM Mare Nostrum, L'Alfas del Pi, (Alicante), Spain

Saturday 21st April 2012 from 10.00 to 17.00.

Ticket 25 Euros per. person.
Free choice of three course menu 10 Euros. (Meat or vegetarian).

The Golden Age is a blueprint for the future, anchored in this current year of change that the World is waiting for. Now that the gloom and doom have finally been removed we can explore better the great Shift, a wonderful happening and a re creation of Global proportion that will echo around the World. Through the media of music and song and informative narrative speech, Kenny Corris and Torben Thoger, together with Mette and Laerke Lund bring you a new and challenging production:


A 2012 SHOW


We invite you to join us on a journey of discovery through to a new dimension of Light Energy, enabling you too to Ascend to the highest level of your Conscience.
With new video presentations, a host of new songs, and the latest news and forecasts, our positive agenda will bring you the enlightenment you seek, the abolition of fear and a full in depth exploration of this opportunity to face 2012 and all it will bring us.

Join us as we take a bold step onwards, take a little look back and prepare together, with those who care, for our rightful Ascension.

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Telephones: 686 361 594 (Kenny Corris)
& 687 333 967 (Torben Thoger)

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You can also buy tickets in Albir at:

Bistro Maya - Spiritual Café, Avda.del Albir, Edif. Playa Mar II, 03581 Albir - L'Alfas del Pi
(Main street near the beach) Telephone: 966 868 213


Clínica PACA, Edificio Palatino, Calle Narciso Yepes 4 - 6, 03581 Albir - L'Alfas del Pi
(Opposite the the golf course) Telephone: 600 816 191


Psychic Medium and Astrologer Kenny Corris has worked with Spirit for some 50 years. He is a Healer, Teacher, Therapist and Life Coach. Dividing his time between writing for a growing number of publications, public demonstrations, workshops, and private readings and castings, Kenny works to spread the message that Spirit is there and waiting for our interaction, and travels regularly to Europe and the USA to promote all aspects of the Spiritual Realms; with which he so frequently communicates. Renowned for having a great sense of humour and loving personal contact with his many international clients, Kenny likes to bridge the messaging service between the living and the dead, this proving the existence of the Spirit World.
Regarding 2012, Kenny says, "We are all Spirit living in an Earthly body, and we have all chosen to be here right now in unique and changing, challenging times!" He feels the great need to establish a network of people who can think outside of the box, as this, he feels, will greatly help many to adapt and grow spiritually all the way to Ascension. "The Lightworkers will shine the light of their Spirituality and help all those around them to adapt and thrive, come what may!" Kenny lives in Finestrat Pueblo with his lifetime partner Carl.

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Composer and Filmmaker Torben Thoger enjoys international success with his beautiful and powerful music, and his film productions. Torben has composed and produced original music scores since the 1970´s in varying styles for film, television, musicals, multimedia and his own productions. His latest four albums in the New Age music genre are released worldwide and his music has been on top of the charts in the USA and India. As a Filmmaker Torben produces corporate promotional films, commercials, documentaries and music videos. The Danish Composer and artist now lives permanently with his creative family in the mountains west of Altea; Torben's wife Mette Lund is a skilled abstract painter and a healer and their daughter Laerke is a gifted singer. Actually they both participate in the show "THE GOLDEN AGE".
Torben describes his approach to musical composition as, "Highly Intuitive", often beginning with melodies and intentionally following his heart to expand their sound. He says that it is no co incidence that he receives comment after comment about how his music soothes and healers the listener's heart chakra. For many years Torben has had a great interest in personal development and spirituality, though does not connect to any particular Society or Religion. He says, "I am thrilled about our World is now changing into a much better place!"

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Mette Lund is a Reconnective Healer, a life coach and an abstract painter. "Light, easiness and laughter have always been parameters I have shaped my course for", Mette says.
She loves finding new ways and have wide experience and educations in personal development, spirituality, drama, pedagogy and art.

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Laerke Lund is a talented singer. Like her parents she is very creative and writes her own songs. She is co-writer on one of the songs presented in the "Golden Age 2012 Show"; a song she sings the lead in. Laerke's beautiful voice can be heard on released CD's, from downloaded songs on iTunes and others, as well as in music videos on YouTube. Just search for: "Laerke Lund".