Psychic Visions

Psychic Visions Lead to the Passionate Soundscapes of Torben Thoger

How New Age music composer Torben Thoger’s belief in psychic guidance illuminated his musical path to success and happiness. His new album of “heart” music, AKASHA, is inspired by the ancient wisdom of the Akashic Records.

Los Angeles, CA (PR WEB) March 2008 -- He sits at the table with eyes closed, elbows propped up, meditating while dangling a crystal on the end of a string. The swinging slows, and the crystal rests on a map of Spain that is spread across the desk. Opening his eyes, Danish composer Torben Thoger sees the region of “Alicante” under the crystal, and another step is taken in his adventurous journey of musical discovery that led to this month’s U.S. release of his new album, AKASHA.
As he reached for his computer keyboard, Torben didn’t know who he might find in Alicante, Spain, but he had faith in what two trusted mediums had predicted in earlier sessions with him. A successful film/TV music composer and owner of Denmark-based Camelot Communication, Torben Thoger is as open about his spiritual life as he is dedicated to his music. He explains how the clairvoyants helped to identify the talented musicians who would join him in bringing his most recent projects -- the inspired albums titled The Present and AKASHA -- to life.

“I found it intriguing that in both 2003 and 2004, two seers had said to me ‘There is a charming, artful, man-about-town in Spain who will be a great help to you with your music,’” Torben shares. “Two unrelated mediums offering the same description was a powerful message, so I was encouraged to keep it in mind on my travels to Spain, but met no one with whom I really resonated. Finally, at home in Denmark and eager to move forward with my recording, I took out a map of Spain and a crystal on a string to find some further direction.”

Following the crystal meditation, a search on the Internet for “music studios” near Alicante, revealed a studio number for a musician named Pepe Bornay. Upon connecting by phone, Torben says he felt an immediate rapport with Pepe as if they’d known one another for years. A subsequent visit to the region confirmed that the two were very musically compatible, and that Pepe was indeed a charming, artful man-about-town; Torben felt confident that Pepe was the person that both psychics had envisioned.


Having already completed Harmony, Torben wanted a new sound for The Present, and he found it with Pepe and his fellow musicians in Spain. Torben describes his approach to musical composition as “highly intuitive,” often beginning with melodies and intentionally following his heart to expand their sound. He says it is no coincidence that he receives comment after comment about how his music soothes and heals the listener’s heart chakra. AKASHA, in particular, is focused on the heart; in listening, one can imagine each song telling part of a story about soul mates finding love, losing it, and reuniting in joy and oneness.
Torben Thoger loves the process of composing music, favoring catchy melodies and an eclectic mix of genres and influences. For his albums, he plays grand piano and many other instruments via keyboard using highest-quality sample sounds from original acoustic instruments. Combining his composition with the visceral energy of international artists Pepe (Spanish guitar, rhythm guitar and Latin American instruments) and Armando García Fernández (solo violin) adds an exotic element to the albums The Present and AKASHA. AKASHA also includes the entrancing “IAO” chant, sung by the Dutch choir from the stagegroup Teatro del Sol from La Nucia, Alicante, Spain, as directed by Rob Barendsma.

The ensuing years of trips back and forth between Spain and his family’s home in Torup (on the Danish isle of Samso) led to more than a few new recordings; with Pepe’s help, Torben found in Alicante the land he’d always envisioned, a place he’d like to live for the rest of his life. Torben purchased the land, and will break ground on building a state-of-the-art sustainable home there later this year. Ever playful, Torben toyed with combining images of his beloved local Danish and Spanish landscapes in the cover art for AKASHA.

Clearly, Torben Thoger loves to share the positive effect that psychic vision has had on his life, and his album AKASHA delivers a tribute to that idea. He explains “The Akashic Record contains the most important and vital information about our soul’s purpose and journeys in the past, in this lifetime, and it can provide a guide for the future…this CD comes from my heart…and AKASHA.”

Beth Ann Hilton, publicist
The B Company